Open Access publishing opportunities in 2022


The University Library is happy to announce more open access publishing support in 2022. These agreements allow KAUST corresponding authors to publish accepted articles in open access mode (in the selected journals of publishers listed below) at no cost to the author and thus made openly available.

We also support below publishers “subscribe to open” (S2O) program and KAUST authors can publish open access in their selected journals or complete portfolio at no cost:

Discounts on open access publishing fees are also available from four publishers:

If a publisher is not listed here, you can make your research article open access by submitting “author accepted manuscript” version of your article to the KAUST Research Repository and the University Library will make it available to the world as per the publisher’s policies, with a link attached to the original article and DOI. You can also deposit associated datasets to the Research Repository.

These publishing models will support the KAUST open access policy and aim to increase the impact of KAUST research publications through availability to the world without locking them behind publisher paywalls.

More details are also available in the guide or contact us at

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