COVID-19 update


Yesterday the Kingdom announced the immediate lifting of most remaining COVID-19 controls in Saudi Arabia, including the use of face coverings indoors and showing Tawakkalna. While COVID-19 continues to be transmitted in both The Kingdom and KAUST, we have high vaccination rates which work well to prevent serious illness.

Most KAUST controls have already been moved to personal choices based on an informed decision, and we are now moving from Tier 0.5 to the New Normal stage. Based on this change, the following changes are implemented effective immediately:

1- Face coverings are no longer required in KAUST except within KAUST Health where they will continue to be required for the foreseeable future. This is in line with Kingdom requirements for healthcare facilities and is intended to ensure we protect people who may be more vulnerable with medical conditions.

2- The Keeping KAUST Safe COVID-19 guidelines will remain on the website to use for risk-based personal decisions. The website will be updated in the coming days to reflect the changes and can continue to be used in making individual safety choices. Regardless of an individual’s reason for wearing a face covering, distancing, or taking other measures, it is important that we support each other’s personal choices with empathy and respect.

3- The weekly bulletin will stop, but the COVID-19 testing results dashboard will continue to be available on the Keeping KAUST Safe website.

Please remember these points moving forward:

  • If you are sick, stay home. Whether you have the common flu, COVID-19, or another disease, do your part to prevent community transmissions.
  • Get vaccinated and receive boosters when recommended. Vaccinations are the most important COVID-19 mitigation in preventing serious illness.