Congratulations TKS Class of 2022


Welcome to the newest members of our alumni community!

After a long journey through elementary and secondary education, through Grade 11 and 12, our newest TKS alumni have reached an important milestone in their lives: graduating with a secondary school diploma.

They will now spread around the world across many different countries and continents, but as TKS alumni, they will always be part of TKS and will be always welcome. Many of them will occasionally return to KAUST as their parents still live here. We want to stay in touch, either through meetings in KAUST or online. We would love to hear how they are doing in the next stage of their lives and want to learn from them how we can better prepare our current students.

Some of our graduates will be starting University in August or September and others will start in January. Some will take a gap year. Whatever they do next year, we wish them all a relaxing summer and all the best for next year and the future. Congratulations to everyone who graduated this week!

Watch the full ceremony here.