7th KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop on Accelerating Scientific Applications using GPUs


KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab presents:

7th KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop on Accelerating Scientific Applications using GPUs

November 23 to December 10, 2020
Virtual event on Zoom

The KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab (KSL) and NVIDIA present the seventh edition of the KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop on Accelerating Scientific Applications using GPUs. The second week will take place virtually from Sunday, November 29 to Thursday, December 3, 2020.

The extended workshop will build the capacity and capability for enabling appropriate workloads on GPUs for faster computation and reduced time for carrying out scientific research work. This year’s event will include talks, tutorials and competitions in the high performance computing and AI streams, with contributions from KSL, NVIDIA, Appentra, the KAUST Visualization Core Lab, the KAUST Visual Computing Center and the KAUST Extreme Computing Research Center

GPU Hackathon

As part of the workshop, there will be a two-day GPU hackathon, during which teams of developers will bring their own codes to either port to GPUs or optimize their pre-existing GPU codes on NVIDIA GPUs. Mentors from KSL, Appentra and NVIDIA who are passionate about sharing their experience in Deep Learning and Machine Learning will discuss lessons learned, including painful pitfalls and practical tips and tricks to help you accelerate research and development via optimizing GPU compute resources. The winning team will receive a Titan V NVIDIA GPU card.

Attendance, registration and agenda

To align with the current trends in digital attendance, KSL has spread out the workshop’s sessions in blocks of time for the duration of the event.

For events requiring registration, a confirmation email will be sent along with the link to the webinar.

For any questions, please email training@hpc.kaust.edu.sa.

This opportunity is brought to you by the KAUST Core Labs and Research Infrastructure.