NOVID app: Everyone at KAUST needs to get involved


KAUST has partnered with NOVID to stop the spread of COVID-19. NOVID is a free and completely anonymous app which gives you the information to proactively make decisions based on your risk of infection within the KAUST community.

Everyone at KAUST needs to get involved

Whether you are a contractor, staff member, student, driver or domestic helper, you are part of the KAUST community. By indicating in the app (see step 2) that you are part of the KAUST community, NOVID builds an anonymous network of your connections, so we can protect one another.

Therefore, we would like to strengthen the role of contractor companies team leaders to encourage their crews to download and use the NOVID app. 

Families are responsible to inform their domestic workers and/or drivers that downloading the NOVID app will help keep themselves and those around them safer.

Everyone in the KAUST community is encouraged to download the NOVID app to their smartphone and begin using it immediately.

Download NOVID App today!

Step 1 > Download NOVID. Scan the code on the right to find NOVID in the Apple or Google Play stores or visit

Step 2 > Enter ‘KAUST’ in the ‘Communities’ section in the settings tab to join the KAUST community.

Step 3 > Report positive with your KAUST Health token
Click the Exposures tab at the bottom of the app, then click I have tested positive for COVID-19. Click Link Verified Results to enter your token to report positive

How does it work?

NOVID anonymously detects when you are close to other users by using a combination of ultrasound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.

This places a COVID-19 forecast into your hands. If you see that the virus is approaching you through your network, you can proactively take precautions to keep yourself and those around you safer.

Don’t worry, NOVID does not collect any personal data. No username, password, phone number, or email. NOVID won’t know who you are and where you are!

Watch the explanatory video above.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive, KAUST Health will provide you with a verification token, which you can enter to anonymously self-report in NOVID. This will anonymously notify other NOVID users you had a prolonged interaction with (more than 15 minutes within the three meters distance) and send them an exposure notification. These people should remain vigilant and eventually should get tested.

Stay safe and informed while multitasking

On Android, ultrasound, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi scanning work seamlessly in the background. This means that we detect your interactions with high accuracy even if the app isn’t open.

On iOS, NOVID works best while open. Standby Mode allows you to keep NOVID running while preserving battery life. Background Wi-Fi Mode enables iOS devices to detect interactions seamlessly in the background, but not at the same level of accuracy as ultrasonic scanning. Phones connected to the same Wi-Fi access points for prolonged periods of time (several hours) will be counted as having interacted. There is a workaround, to make NOVID work seamlessly in the background. Please follow those simple steps.

To learn more about NOVID, its technology and FAQs, please visit the HSE website.

For questions or assistance, please email