Pets in our Community – Updated Guidelines


Pets are welcome members of the family in many KAUST homes. In an effort to support healthy pets, healthy families, and a healthy community, pet ownership at KAUST is regulated.

Updated Guidelines

To support responsible pet ownership, guidelines outline the regulation of pet ownership to ensure a safe environment for everyone. The Guidelines for the Ownership of Pets in the Community have recently been revised and cover many areas related to pets, including:

  • Required registration and annual re-registration of pets
  • Maximum number and types of permitted pets
  • Pet import and final exit information
  • Pet owner responsibilities relating to pet behavior
  • Handling of lost and trapped pets
  • Rehoming of pets
  • And more…

If you are planning to adopt a pet, please be aware that only some species are allowed in the community, and all pets must be registered within 5 days of arriving at KAUST. Animals that are found not to be registered may be treated as strays.

We’re listening and adapting based on your feedback

We’ve also been undertaking a listening and learning campaign to gather community feedback and ideas related to pets. During the recent Pet Owner Forum, we shared that feedback and other information from Community Life, Pest Control, the Vet, and community members, and took on board community ideas for improving life for pets and their owners. You can view the slides from this event.

Additional information for pet owners

Please consult the Pets in our Community webpage for more information, including:

  • How to register your pet
  • Vet and grooming services
  • Information relating to the dog run – including new shading and seating for dog owners!

Related contacts:

Still looking for more? We’re here to help!

  • Contact the Petcare 
    This email address is for pet-related comments, questions, and concerns.
  • Lost Pets: 012 808 0959
    For any concerns related to lost pets, please contact the 959 Helpdesk for support.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting a safe and inviting environment for everyone at KAUST.

Omar Al-Omar
Director, Community Services & Engagement

Community Life
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