EDGE -Transform the world you know


We are pleased to reveal the Key Visual Design for the 2023 Winter Enrichment Program, EDGE – Transform the world you know, taking place January 8-19, 2023. 

The design was the winning entry in the third annual WEP Key Visual Design Contest, organized in collaboration with Saudi Graduate Recruitment and Development, Strategic National Advancement (SNA). The artist is Moad Alharthi, a graphic design student at Umm Al-Qura University.  

The contest received a high standard of entries. We were impressed by the growing creative talent developing in the Kingdom, and we are delighted to work with Moad to incorporate his design throughout WEP 2023.  

EDGE -Transform the world you know 

WEP 2023 will look at knowledge transformation through the lens of EDGE – the cusp of discovery, where the bold take risks to push frontiers to expand understanding and to change the world through research.  EDGE will seek out the risk-takers across a broad spectrum, not just inter-disciplinary science pioneers, but the boundary-breakers in business, the arts and the humanities; the policymakers that enable; the communicators that explain the unexplainable.

The infinite possibility in a tiny word is exhilarating – EDGE is crazy, unpredictable and compelling. WEP 2023 will take us there and beyond.

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Enrichment for all!
The WEP Team