Sustainability seminar series – Safe and sustainable research: it all starts in the lab


Tuesday, September 20, 2022
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Auditorium between B4 and B5 and Zoom

You are invited to the first event of the fall 2022 Sustainability Seminar Series, titled “Safe and sustainable research: it all starts in the lab” by the KAUST HSE Research Safety Team. This event is open to the public.


Did you know that a single fume hood can consume as much energy as three homes? Our labs are where we hope to realize the next big development that could advance our efforts to protect our planet and make life better for billions. But shouldn’t we be doing research in a sustainable way? Come and learn more about how we can perform our research in a sustainable manner that protects us and our research. The HSE Research Safety Team will lead a session where we will learn more about our labs, their impacts and how we can better utilize these amazing resources. We will then brainstorm ideas for our labs in an engaging and interactive session.  

About the speakers

Dwight Stevenson is the manager for KAUST’s HSE-Research Safety Team.  A career environmental health and safety professional with 30 years of experience, his career has taken him around the world. Dwight enjoys the challenges that come with finding new and creative ways to blend culture development and HSE programs together to achieve HSE excellence. For sustainability, he has high hopes for the seminar and would like to see more focus and effort to use our amazing facilities as a research platform and to be among the first universities to establish ‘green or net zero labs’.

Marcos Aguilar is the Research Safety Team Lead, he has a bachelor’s in chemical engineering and a master’s in quality, safety and environment. He has been working at KAUST since 2010, and together with facility management in 2019 implemented the Lab Ventilation Management Program to save energy in laboratories from ventilation controls.

Moustafa Elsoubki holds an MSc in medical physics and BSc in physics. He is a Radiation Safety Specialist and currently with a role of oversight of radioactive waste and hazardous waste disposal at KAUST. From 2007 to 2020, he is a licensed Radiation Protection officer in the industrial and medical fields and a licensed trainer by Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC). He has experience providing radiation safety training for ARAMCO/SABIC/Well-logging/NDT/Medical sectors, NRRC practice license consultations, and implementation of IAEA regulations related to specific practices and waste management. This event is open to the entire KAUST community and is brought to you by Students for Sustainability, with the support of the Office of Student Life and the Head of KAUST Sustainability, Dr. Ana Margarida Costa. Should you have any questions, please contact us at