Join us and experience Mica hands-on workshop


Monday – Thursday
August 15-18

The KAUST Imaging & Characterization Core Lab and Leica Microsystems are organizing a practical workshop on Mica: the world’s first Microhub. Discover true simultaneous four-color widefield, confocal resolution and AI-supported analysis united in a sample-protecting incubator. All with a single push of a button! The workshop encompasses imaging technologies applicable to biomedical, neuroscience, and cell biology research fields. The first day will comprise  a lecture about the Mica Microhub and a short showcase. The second day will cover the analysis component of the platform and introduce Aivia, an advanced imaging analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence, along with a showcase. Participants will also have the opportunity to operate Mica in one half-day session over three days. These sessions will include all stages of the imaging process, from mounting the media to the final analysis. An Advanced Application Specialist from Leica Microsystems will demonstrate Mica and guide the practical sessions. 

Program and Hands-On Sessions:

  • Day 1 (Monday, August 15): Introduction to Mica (All participants) and Hands-on Session (Group 1)
  • Day 2 (Tuesday, August 16): Introduction to Aivia (All participants) and Mica Hands-on Session (Group 2)
  • Day 3 (Wednesday, August 17): Mica’s Hands-on Session (Groups 3&4)
  • Day 4 (Thursday, August 18):  Mica’s Hands-on Session (Groups 5&6) 

*1 group = 2-3 people

This workshop is open to PIs, postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. students from all over the Kingdom who would benefit from utilizing widefield and confocal microscopy within their research fields.

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Seats are limited, so please register here early. 

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This opportunity is brought to you by the KAUST Core Labs and Research Infrastructure