8 Steps for reversing a Vehicle safely


In Health, Safety and Environment, our commitment is to protect our most precious resources of people, environment and assets to build resilience and a risk management culture within KAUST.  Because we are deeply committed to KAUST, we recognize the importance of sharing safe road behaviors with our community to keep everyone thriving in a safe workplace and community.

Safely reversing a vehicle is critical for the driver, passengers, and people in the area who share the road or utilize nearby sidewalks (other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians).   Vehicle operators in KAUST can ensure their safety and the safety of those around their vehicle by following eight safety steps for reversing:

Steps for reversing a Vehicle safely:

  1. Where possible, plan to limit the distance and need to reverse.
  2. Ensure visibility and clear vision. Inside the vehicle, check behind, adjust the seat properly, check mirror adjustment, fasten your safety belt and start the engine.
  3. Before reversing, ensure visibility and clear vision. Check side-to-side clearance, and scan around the vehicle for hazards and obstructions. Watch out for pedestrians, especially small children, other road users and animals.  
  4. Reverse using a slow speed while staying alert to vehicle and people traffic and blind spots.
  5. Gradually release the brake pedal to begin reversing. Turn your body and look through the rear window—re-check side clearance. Stay alert and avoid distractions.
  6. Use safety devices if your vehicle is fitted with them, such as back up cameras.
  7. Come to a complete stop before turning to face forward.
  8. Reverse into parking spots rather than exit in reverse where possible.

Anyone who sees a vehicle reversing should be aware that the driver’s visibility may be limited and should keep clear of the vehicle.

Please watch the short video above which summarizes the steps for safe reversing. (source: ArriveAlive.co.za)

For questions or comments, please contact hse@kaust.edu.sa  Thank you for Keeping KAUST Safe.