Follina Checker protects personal devices


Earlier this month, the Information Security Office at KAUST IT issued a KAUST-wide security alert about a zero-day vulnerability impacting the entire world. Follina is the name given to a security flaw that can give attackers access to data by means of Phishing and sending Microsoft Word files as an attachment.

You can read the published Security Alert here.

KAUST-provided machines are sufficiently protected to detect Follina infections. However, if you use a personal computer and have accessed attachments sent to you and want to check whether you got impacted by Follina, then this message is for you.

To help the KAUST community by extending support to personal devices, the InfoSec team has developed an internal application that can detect signs of infection caused by Follina. The application was developed for Windows OS-based computers and has been tested to work on Windows 11 and 10.

Where can I download this?

Download here: Follina Checker – .zip file

How can I use this?

Follow the instructions in the tutorial here to install and scan.

What will the outcome be?

  • If signs of infection are not found:

– You will be notified that your computer is safe

  • If signs of infection are found:

– You will be notified that your computer may be compromised
– A ticket will be generated
– InfoSec Team will investigate logs
– You will be contacted only if there are confirmed signs of infection

What data will be captured?

The application is designed to scan and detect signs of infections, and capture only information that is needed, such as your username, hostname, PC–MAC address and system logs that do not contain any personal information.For more information:
Email us at

Information Security Office – KAUST IT
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