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In service of mobility and remote working policies, the KAUST softphone enables you to use your office phone service at the office, on the move, and even when you are out of the country. Take your office 808 phone line with you, and set up your office anywhere! Take advantage of this mobility technology as we approach the high-travel season of the upcoming Eid holiday.

With KAUST Softphone, you will stay connected by taking your KAUST Business Phone line with you on up to two smart devices or computers simultaneously. You will be able to use features that you have on your desk phone, and even more, such as search, chat, call, video call or share files with colleagues enhancing communication collaboration, all through an intuitive user interface.Tech tip: Did you know that you can search for retail and facilities phone contacts on the softphone search bar? – Try searching for KFC, Harbor Sports Club, and many others!

Discover KAUST Softphone using the Cisco WebEx Platform

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