Water polo Ramadan Tournament wrap up


The Water Polo Ramadan League was back with a resounding victory.  It was a well-attended and exciting event.  In total, 15 matches were played over three Saturdays.  They had six teams in the group stage, as some teams that brought extra players split in two to give more game time to everyone. But in the finals, only four teams remained.  KAUST team Red Sea Orcas, the underdogs, pulled out a huge upset and won the final!  Congratulations to the Red Sea Orcas. The rankings were:

1. Red Sea Orcas
2. Al Ahli
3. Ittihad
4. Al Wehda

The MVP was Abdulrahim, the Orcas goalkeeper.  See the picture below:

The Red Sea Orcas would like to thank Community Life, Coastline, the other teams who participated and the lifeguards. 

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The Red Sea Orcas team:

Presenting the winning team: The Red Sea Orcas:

A happy bunch of guys: