KAUST Research Conference: Modern Trends in Targeted Structure-Based Drug Design and Discovery. June 6 – 9, 2022



Molecular Diagnostics and Drug Discovery (MD3) Group, together with KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI), are pleased to organize and announce the conference “Modern Trends in Targeted Structure-Based Drug Design and Discovery”. The link to the conference and the list of invited speakers is provided here.

As a mankind, we have been struggling with various diseases and plagues since our early days. Over the centuries, we have been discovering remedies for a vast array of health problems; however, during the last decades, we can observe a decline in groundbreaking discoveries in the pharmaceutical industry due to increasing complexities in finding the specific and potent medicines for the disease-related targets of interest. As our knowledge of the genome, proteome and metabolome has increased and the technology improved, hundreds of new and potential drug targets have surfaced. However, finding a ligand that could bind to the target of interest has proven to be a significant decelerator in progress. A structure-based approach in drug design has been extensively used and has already proven its efficacy.

This conference brings together more than 20 experts from across the globe specializing in topics such as drug design and structural and molecular biology. The meeting will address the recent trends and future perspectives in drug design and discovery from the perspective of state-of-the-art structural and cancer biology and unveil the prospective future. The attendees will have a unique opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge on tools, resources, approaches and ideas with world-class international scientists and researchers in their fields.


  • Drug design and discovery
  • Novel drug targets
  • Anticancer drug discovery

The program is scheduled from Monday, June 6 until Thursday, June 9, 2022. 

KAUST-open poster session June 8 with prizes!

The conference program will also include an opportunity for Ph.D. students, postdocs and researchers to present their research work in related fields during a poster competition in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in the University Library. Please visit this link and fill up the form to register for the conference and the poster competition. The international scientific committee will evaluate posters during the session, and the winners will be announced at the closing remarks of the conference. The winners will receive.

  • For 1st place – Apple iPad
  • For 2nd place – Apple Watch
  • For 3rd place – Apple AirPods

To find out more about the conference, please visit our website. The final conference program will be provided therein within the following days.

This event is jointly organized by MD3 lab at BESE division and KAUST Smart-Health Initiative (KSHI) with financial support from KAUST Research Funding (KRF).