KRTP Mosque is now open


Continuing on the efforts to enhance tenant experience at the KAUST Research and Technology Park, the park has opened the mosque located by the KRTP HQ (building 34). It is now accessible for everyone at the Park and the larger KAUST community.

Given the growing number of the Park community, the mosque provides proper prayer spaces with plenty of room for social-distancing. Male prayer room can accommodate 140 socially distant prayers, and female room accommodates 60 prayers socially distant as well.

It is noteworthy that over the last year, the park community has consistently shown momentum of growth to a total of 63 tenant companies and startups with over 350 employees working at the park.

KRTP community consist of tenant companies as well as KAUST offices and services that are provided in the Park from Entrepreneurship Center, Technology Transfer Office, Industry Innovation Engagement, and KAUST Innovation Ventures. Tenants companies are of multiple categories ranging from corporates like Aramco, Sabic, Dow, to SME’s and Startups such as Red Sea Farms, UnitX, WayaKit, FirnasAero, Uvera, and new members in the community such as Shamal Technologies, Smart City Company, and New Generation Mission System Arabia.

The KAUST Research & Technology Park (KRTP) is a destination for tech-based businesses to access KAUST’s laboratories, faculty and student talent and network of public spaces and facilities designed for creative collision and knowledge sharing. KRTP currently covers over 2.7 million square meters of space near the heart of KAUST’s campus. The Park provides flexible research and development space for corporate partners, SMEs and startups.

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