TKS alignment with KAUST strategy


As the University moves into its second decade and fulfills its vision of becoming a destination for scientific and technological education and research, we would like to announce that, effective September 16, 2021, The KAUST School (TKS) will report to the Provost. This integration and organizational alignment with the Academic Division of the University will ensure that TKS is poised for success in implementing its strategic plan. We are pleased to share that the Board of Education has reviewed and endorsed this alignment.

TKS has been part of the Community Life department for nearly five years. This structure has allowed TKS to grow and become an integrated part of the community. The school has enjoyed close partnerships with all of the community services, KAUST Health, and the office of Community Life. This close collaboration will continue in the years to come. The core focus of the TKS strategic plan is learning, engagement, and wellbeing.

This organizational realignment with the Office of the Provost will contribute directly to the achievement of this plan, creating new opportunities for TKS to:

  • Enhance engagement with the university through increased collaboration
  • Elevate and expand the learning opportunities for students
  • Leverage our environment and connections to create unique experiences

There will be a townhall meeting in late October where Provost Larry Carin; Chair of the Board of Education Brian Moran; VP of Community Life Chris Sealey; and Director of the KAUST School Michelle Remington discuss this shift and the opportunities that lie ahead.