Free breast cancer screening this October


Breast cancer remains the most common cancer found in women worldwide. During the month of October, organizations around the globe unite for a common cause – breast cancer awareness. Early detection is key to increasing survival rates and to support early detection, KAUST Health is promoting screenings to community members this October.  

KAUST Health is offering free screening to:

  • All women aged forty and over who have not been screened in the last two years.
  • All women above thirty with a family history, or a sibling or mother who has had breast cancer and have not been screened in the last two years.

Book your screening today

  • Call 940 from a landline or 012 808 0940 from a mobile phone, mention this campaign and make your appointment.
  • When you arrive at KAUST Health, inform the reception staff that you are visiting for breast cancer screening.

If you have any questions about our breast cancer screening campaign, please email for more information.

Kind regards,

Daniel Buttigieg
Director, KAUST Health

Live well. Be well.