Summer internships for TKS Students

Five KAUST Schools (TKS) students have just completed internships at KAUST working alongside faculty and graduate students doing hands-on laboratory research, supported by a literature review, that culminated in a written report from each student.

The high school students worked on electrical engineering, water and robotics projects in a bid to give them a taste of what life is like for researchers in these fields. Each student undertook extensive safety training to ensure safe practice in the lab.

This inaugural TKS internship program came out of discussions between Dr. Muhammad Hussein, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and TKS physics teacher, Georg Eitelhuber. They approached Dean Slim Alouini and Provost Stefan Catsicas who agreed that the research experience would be personally enriching for the high school students, that it would enhance their portfolios in preparation for their college applications, and that it would furthermore engage the KAUST community more broadly.

You can read about their experiences in more detail in the September issue of The Beacon.


  1. Would be delighted to see this program expanded to include university undergraduate students who spend the summers with their families here.

    • Thanks for the support Mr Elass. We will be working to find a way to make this happen. KAUST offers our school students a unique opportunity: a world class multidisciplinary research facility just down the road. It is gratifying to hear that our students performed so well!