Congratulating Class of 2020


Exhibition opens on December 18, 2020
Outside the University Library

Al Bedaya, site-specific art installation

Celebrate with the Class of 2020 and recognize their scholarly achievements as you enjoy the delicate mangour screens characteristic of Al Balad within the Al Bedaya art installation. Walk through complex structures of wooden lattices and sacred geometry patterns that speak of genesis and, therefore, of commencement.

Experience the atmospheric light, inspired by the rich diversity of the culture of Hijaz—the heartland of Islam—and its traditional crafts. This unique site-specific art installation, unveiled by The Office of the Arts, bridges contemporary art with traditional craftsmanship, reflecting KAUST’s mission to link visionary innovation with the Golden Age of Islamic science.

Bedaya, ( البدایة ) signifies ‘a new beginning to a new path’ in the Arabic language. It is rooted in the verb بدأ bada, meaning to start, or to commence. Our choice of Bedaya as the curatorial framework for the Commencement 2020 highlights this year’s focus on pioneering, as you, the Graduates of 2020, begin a new chapter in a changed world.

About the Office of the Arts

Under the umbrella of Academic Affairs, the Office of the Arts consists of a visual and performing arts team with a mission to promote art, science and culture in KAUST, the Kingdom, and in the wider global context.

An Office of the Arts site-specific installation in partnership with Commencement 2020.