Adverse weather warning for November 26


Dear community,

It is the start of the rainier season in our region and over the next few days meteorologists are predicting rainy weather conditions. On Thursday, November 26 a prediction is made of 70% chance of rain with up to 4 mm of precipitation predicted per 3-hour periods during the morning to early afternoon hours. This prediction is for a 35 km radius of Thuwal. Some areas within this radius might receive higher than 4 mm precipitation and due to the flat topography of the Thuwal area, a small amount of rain can have a big impact causing flooding.

Below are some precautions to take during rain/flood conditions:

Remote Working for employees living off-campus

The safety of our employees is the utmost priority and due to the heavy rainfall anticipated tomorrow, Thursday, November 26, 2020.

All employees who travel to KAUST from Jeddah and surrounding regions are required to work remotely. Colleagues are advised to take any items with them today to enable remote working tomorrow.

Colleagues who are identified as critical personnel and who live in Jeddah are advised to apply caution and only travel if safe to do so. Please contact your supervisor and keep them updated.

Employees living on campus

Community members living on campus are advised to follow the safety guidelines and remain vigilant. Employees are also reminded to keep their line manager updated in the event they need to work remotely.

Jeddah Work-Haul bus and Jeddah Hospital buses suspended on Thursday, November 26

As remote working is required for colleagues living off campus tomorrow, there will be no work-haul bus to and from Jeddah on Thursday, November 26.

Contractors who use the work-haul bus are advised to coordinate with their line manager and plan for remote working on Thursday, November 26.

The Jeddah Hospital buses will also be suspended for tomorrow.

The KAUST School, Daycare and Afterschool Services

The KAUST School will revert to distance learning on Thursday, November 26 for one day only. TKS will email parents shortly with further information.

The Daycare and afterschool services will not operate on November 26, 2020.

Adverse weather safety precautions (heavy rain, lightning, flooding)

  • Monitor alert notifications
  • Remain indoors
  • Keep doors and windows closed and only open as required
  • Secure or remove lightweight or loose objects from open areas
  • Avoid driving during high winds, low visibility or heavy rain conditions
  • Consider using only critical electrical equipment during lightning storms
  • Switch off non-essential equipment


  • Do not try to cross or drive in any fast moving water
  • Avoid all floodwaters without the correct PPE as floodwaters can contain sewage and skin irritants
  • Beware of dislodged drainage covers, which can suck a person in at great force
  • If you must enter floodwaters, use a stick etc. to test the ground in front of you and always keep two points of contact with the ground
  • Give assistance to those who need it, young and elderly etc.
  • Keep clear of any flooded areas where electric cables are down, or water has encroached on electrical equipment for the risk of electrocution
  • Move to higher ground where possible
  • Move any valuable, critical, sensitive or electrical equipment to a higher floor
  • Monitor all flood/storm alert notifications for instructions and possible evacuation alerts


  • Remain alert to approaching storms and potential flooding
  • Remain indoors until the warning expires. Direct anyone outside, to immediately seek shelter indoors
  • Stay away from all windows and doors during the storm. Close shades or blinds to reduce the risk of flying glass if it breaks due to high winds
  • Monitor notifications with updates of the latest weather information
  • Avoid using a corded telephone or other electrical appliances until the storm passes

If you have any questions please contact the

Samer Samman, Chief Human Resources Officer
Erik Talley, Director Health, Safety & Environment
Chris Sealey, Vice President, Community Life