3rd Conference of the Arab Association of Genetic Research (AAGR)


November 29-30, 2020
Online event

Leveraging Omics and Computational Analysis in Genetic Research and Precision Medicine

The AAGR conference brings together physicians and scientists active in the development of OMIC and computational techniques, to propose diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for genetic disorders in the scope of precision medicine.

This year, the conference is co-organized in collaboration with the KAUST Smart Health Initiative, and will feature several KAUST faculty members as speakers who will discuss their research:

The conference will discuss the following topics:

  • Immunogenetics, Infectious Diseases and Cancer
  • Neurogenetics and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Personalized and Predictive Medicine
    • Phenomics (linking clinical to omics data)
    • Microbiomics
    • Genomic/Proteomic Biomarkers
    • Genome Editing/Gene therapy and Epigenetics
  • Sequencing- Single Cell / Bulk Cell
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Imaging and Big Data

Please have a look at the full program here.

About the AAGR

Supported by the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils, the AAGR is an association of regionally active scientists and physicians aiming to raise awareness and promote research of genetic disorders in Arabic countries(consanguinity in some regions is significant).

The annual AAGR conferences are aimed to enhance local and international collaboration on inherited disorders. Conferences are hosted each year by a different member country.

This year’s conference is organized by the Saudi representative of the AAGR Sami AlGarawi, MD, Ph.D., and hosted at KAUST through SHI.