Where can I fish at KAUST?


Only keep what you will use, fish are too valuable to waste

KAUST offers many recreational fishing opportunities for what is one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular pastimes.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) supports recreational fishing in a sustainable manner, ensuring anglers can enjoy this relaxing outdoor activity whilst ensuring the marine ecosystem is protected.

HSE, in partnership with the Community Life, have conducted a reassessment of fishing locations within KAUST and have updated the fishing zones.

Where can I fish?

You can play your part by ensuring you fish only at the designated areas marked on the map.

These locations have been selected based on a range of attributes, including but not limited to: ease of access to water, not fish nursery or designated protected areas, safe conditions, clean water quality and depth of water.

Go ahead, connect with nature and fish safely.

Wonder what fish you caught? Please look at HSE fish identification booklet.

For more information about the fishing zones and fish, please visit the HSE website.