Hold virtual meetings and work remotely with these IT collaboration tools


The KAUST IT Department has various tools for collaboration with colleagues and for remote work situations. IT will offer virtual trainings on the following tools:

  • Zoom: Conduct meetings virtually using Zoom, an application for virtual meetings, trainings, seminars and much more. You can also create private or public groups, send group chats, files, screen captures, images and start an instant group meeting. Zoom is fully compatible with most browsers, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, laptop and desktop. Zoom can be accessed also from BlackBoard for virtual classes. To get started, visit kaust.zoom.us and login with your KAUST credentials. To learn more use our help guide and/or watch these video tutorials.
  • WebEx Teams: Extend your desk phone to your PC or Smartphone. WebEx Teams allows you to make both audio and video calls and hold conference calls seamlessly. To learn more watch this how-to-guide, check out these online resources, or attend recorded and live courses from Cisco.
  • BlackBoard Collaborate: Lead virtual classes, office hours, tutoring and mentoring sessions and more. BlackBoard Collaborate offers browser-based web conferencing, breakout groups, attendance reporting and more. To learn more, visit the help page or view a full breakdown of features.
  • Microsoft Teams: This collaboration platform combines chat, file storage and collaboration, all with full integration with Office 365. To set up a team, contact the IT Help Desk at ITHelpDesk@kaust.edu.sa. If you are already part of a team, you can download the app, view the quick-start guide and use this live interactive demo.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact the IT Service Desk at ITServiceDesk@kaust.edu.sa or call 012 808-0900 (select option 1).

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  1. Today’s Lens days that South Beach is open yet some are dying they received a notification that it is closed. Consistency in the announcements would be much appreciated.
    Please update on the status

    • Dear Kate, Thanks for your comment. The latest announcements about the restrictions concerning commmunity facilities can be found on this page: https://thelens.kaust.edu.sa/?p=78489 please always refer to the most recent update. As of today, South Beach will be closed. We apologize as this conflicts with yesterday’s message. We will reassess after the 14-day period.
      Thanks for your understanding and please know that the Cororonavirus Taskforce is doing everything to inform commmunity members on a timely manner to proactively appraise the situation, and set strategy and necessary policies that continue to strike a balance between protecting the community and minimizing disruption.

    • Hi Liuba, speaking on behalf of KAUST IT, these are products that are officially offered by and supported by KAUST IT. You can use the open source tools, just bear in mind, we cannot support you with them.

        • Good morning Liubov,

          Thank you for sharing this article, we are aware of these flaws and consistently patch systems with the latest updates and fixes to issues. We would also like to share this article from Zoom’s blog which addresses how they have fixed these issues and rectified the security controls. You can read about it here: https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/04/01/a-message-to-our-users/

          Thanks and have a great day,

          Daniel Nader
          (Posted on behalf of KAUST IT)

          • Thank you very much for an informative reply.

            However, privacy issues are a consistent feature of all proprietary software, particularly that is specializing in communications. The market for this data (with buyers majorly from advertisement and PR) was trillions of $. This is having a lot of implications on the society, private data exposure being a minor one.

            Me and my colleagues have already expressed these concerns and suggestions to the IT helpdesk, with a proposition to host a local Jitsi server for a safer video communication within and outside KAUST. Hopefully this will be implemented shortly.