Get the Welcome to KAUST mobile guide


Tips and tricks to guide you through day-to-day life at KAUST.

“Welcome to KAUST” is available in the KAUST Events app, which you can download from the Google Play or Apple store or simply by following this link on a mobile device.

Look for “Welcome to KAUST” on the home screen of the app, press download, open and get started!

This app is brought to you by Marcom, in collaboration with Human Resources, Community Life, Facilities Management and KAUST Health.


    • The Welcome to KAUST app is hosted within the KAUST Events app. Search for “Welcome to KAUST” in it and there you go!

    • Hi Rea, there is no passphrase. You simply have to download KAUST Events app from the apple store or google play and you will see a “FEATURED” guide, which is the “Welcome to KAUST” guide. simply tap on it and it will download automatically. Hope this helps. Reach out if any issue. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the Welcome to KAUST guide !